Industry Update

2023 is upon us and setting season is just around the corner. The good news is industry wide the backlogs are getting caught up, communication is getting better, materials are available again, and wait times are getting shorter. The 2 graphs are a snap shot of what was experienced the past few years that puts quantities numbers to the time frames. Qualified experienced staff are still in short supply in the trades. In this industry many opportunities across the world are available for committed, talented, people who have a desire to learn. It can take as much as 30 hands touching the monument from quarry to cemetery or park. Longer extraction and production times are the new normal as demand of the beginning of Baby Boomer generation enters the scene. Fuel surcharges and import surcharges are going down or coming off industry wide. More and more in stock inventory has become available. As our area gears up for the season, we are grateful for all the patience and support as we all continue to move forward industry wide. More in-stock house and in-stock vendor inventory is becoming available as well. Looking forward to a productive year this year with optimism.