Seven Reasons for Planning your Memorial Today

1. A memorial should be a joint decision

You have shared your lives together. You’ve made important choice together. Planning your memorial together is the right way.

2. It completes your estate planning

Survivors should not be left with the burden of choosing and paying for a memorial. The estate is not complete without a memorial, even with cremation as your choice of final disposition. There should be a place to go and have fond memories.

3. Your wishes should be reflected in the memorial planning and design

The memorial selection should tell the story you believe reflects your life, interests, beliefs and accomplishments – not someone else’s point of view.

4. Your insurance will fulfill its proper purpose

When you purchase now from current income, you are assured that your insurance and savings go towards those you love most.

5. The decision will not be made at an emotional time

It is wrong to place additional burdens on loved ones during stress. Important decisions need clear thinking.

6. The future is uncertain, but memorialization can be certain

Family disagreements and financial uncertainty can delay your memorial. Pre-purchase is your best protection.

7. Peace of mind is the promise I make to your family

Monument Advisors guarantees 100% satisfaction for your family with no time limit. Your memorial should be forever!
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