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Industry Update 2023

2023 is upon us and setting season is just around the corner! In good news, industry-wide backlogs are getting caught up, communication is getting better, materials are available again, and wait times are getting shorter. Qualified, experienced staff are still in short supply in the trades. In this industry, many opportunities across the world are available for committed, talented, people who have the desire to learn. In this hands-on industry, it can take as many as 30 hands touching each project from beginning to end. Longer extraction and production times are the new normal as the demand of the beginning of the Baby Boomer generation enters the scene. Fuel surcharges and import surcharges are going down or coming off industry-wide. More in-stock house and in-stock vendor inventory are increasingly becoming available. As our area gears up for the season, we are grateful for all the patience and support as we all continue to move forward industry-wide. We are looking forward to a productive year this year with optimism.

The two following graphs are snapshots of US deaths experienced in the past few years provided by the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau.


To download the 2022 Season End President’s Letter, click on the link below:

Feeling impatient? Worldwide struggles for monument companies are a real issue. We try to post industry and company updates on our website to keep our clients informed. Constant updates on the progress for every order are difficult and not always readily available. When the monuments arrive at our facility we now can move forward towards line-up and installation providing no additional hurdles arise. Read about it by clicking the link below:

Monument Industry Update 2022


While the monument industry continues to be largely affected by supply chain delays, we continue to persevere.

Multiple industries are suffering at large due to supply chain issues, and shortages, and are now working on rebuilding. Remember we are all doing the best we can with the staffing shortages, supply shortages, drastic cost hikes, communication breakdowns, and emotional stresses of impatience. This is the reality of the situation. Patience, kindness, support, and understanding are appreciated. We have your best interest in mind, we know you are grieving, understand how important this purchase is to you, and value the opportunity to serve your family. We encourage all to purchase pre-need to have peace of mind, save on costs, and join the queue.


Check out this set of articles that give insight into what is happening in the monument industry:












Progress Update:

Great news! We are making progress after just over 2 years of complete chaos that was mostly out of our control. We just have to keep moving forward, adjust when needed, and stay committed.

Finally, we are pleased to say products, materials, and supplies, though still delayed and still with shortages are moving within the market again. We are pleased that wait times are getting shorter, communication is getting better, and we have more staff again. We are still backlogged in many areas but improving every day. Most of our staff are new and have been learning and training to serve you better.

We appreciate your patience with us at Monument Advisors and the entire memorial industry. If you do not get a quick response on status or a call back right away, rest assured we know you want things completed as soon as we possibly can, we haven’t forgotten you, we want to do the best job possible, and we want to do quality work and offer quality products, and it is more important in the long run to do it right then do it fast. You and your loved one are important to us. The cemeteries need sustainability too.

Thank you for choosing the Monument Advisors Team.

Be wise and purchase PRE-NEED. Doing this allows you to save time, budget your money and pay the costs of today, enjoy your custom-made piece of art, share it with your friends or family, and have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.


It is 2022 where is my monument?

Frustrated about the delays, unknowns, slow movement, unanswered progress, and more?


the monument industry covid

Everyone is experiencing the same issues.

There are multiple articles around the world you can read to better understand the problem. Every monument is custom-made. Increased demand, backlogs, stencil shortage, compound shortage, staffing shortage, transport and production delays, port restrictions, significantly increased costs, quarry and company buy/sells, expansions, new hires in training, and more…

Patience and kindness are appreciated. We are professionals who refuse to lower our quality and craftsmanship standards or moral business ethics over impatience because you or your loved ones matter to us. We want to keep cemeteries sustainable for years to come and the last time a name is used to be done just right. We have your best interest in mind for this once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Everyone is doing their best to be honest and communicate what they do know. One client is not more important than another. All lives matter and deserve to be remembered.

Did you make the right decision to buy when you did? If you haven’t purchased yet should you wait?

Costs are only going to continue to go up. Spend your money wisely you need the monument do you want to pay more or less for it? If you had waited you would only be placed in line down the road so your wait would be even longer.

We are all in this together. Thank you for trusting us with the honor of creating a story in stone with a one-of-a-kind piece of art to mark a moment in time and have a place to go to reminisce fond memories.

Fall Into Savings Event

October 13, 2021 – November 30, 2021

Be Wise…

We all know pricing is going up. We are expecting price hikes from manufacturers to be greater than normal for 2022 due to rising costs, shortness of staffing, increased transport rates, material and supply shortages, and increased death rates industry-wide.

Stop in our office and ask for a virtual appointment, or request a home visit. Learn how monuments are made, look at color and warranty options, participate in an interactive digital design session, and enjoy the peace of mind your wishes are carried out to completion. 

Monument Advisors

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All domestic color orders placed from Labor Day 2021 and on will not be installed until Spring 2022 and all import color orders placed from Labor Day 2021 will not be installed until Summer and Fall 2022.

We cannot control COVID-19 outbreaks, supply shortages, staffing shortages, transportation delays, increases in costs, and communication delays.

If you are still waiting for installation or final date lettering, then we are still waiting too. We are short-staffed, every order has been delayed, supplies are scarce, costs have risen dramatically, and communication from manufacturers is difficult since they are all experiencing the same problems as well.

Your patience and understanding during these uncertain times are appreciated. We are all in this situation together, no other company has more availability or better circumstances than any other.

Kelli Lepler



NOTICE: to our clients who have preferred the import colors. India manufacturing is running at 45% to 60% capacity. Blocks of import colors are delayed and raw material, transport, and industry-related supplies are experiencing shortages and delayed. All costs are on the rise. As of today Imports from India are on a 14-21 day lock-down prior to export.

China imports are also experiencing similar delays. This is not business as usual, unfortunately. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through these uncertainties together.
Your business is important to us. Thank you for choosing Monument Advisors.
Kelli Lepler – President/CEO



DID YOUR LOVED ONE PASS AWAY FROM A COVID-19 RELATED DEATH? FEMA is now offering to financially help! THIS PROGRAM COULD PAY FOR OR A MONUMENT FOR YOUR LOVED ONE. Our Professional Memorialists across the state can assist you in moving forward with closure and create a place to share fond memories.

Beginning Monday, April 12, families may begin applying for the COVID-19 Funeral, burial, and MONUMENT Reimbursement. See below for details about the application process.
FEMA has requested we inform our families to be aware of scams. FEMA will not contact anyone until they have called FEMA or have applied for assistance. Tell families not to disclose information such as the name, birth date, or social security number of any deceased family member to any unsolicited telephone calls or e-mails from anyone claiming to be a federal employee or from FEMA. If there is a doubt about a FEMA representative being legitimate, hang up the phone and report it to the FEMA Hotline at 800-621-3362 or the National Center for Fraud Hotline at 866-720-5721. Complaints also may be made by contacting local law enforcement.
FEMA will begin accepting applications for Funeral Assistance on Monday, April 12, 201 through their dedicated call center.
COVID-19 Assistance Line Number
Applications begin on April 12, 2021
844-684-6333 / TTY: 800-462-7585

Hours of Operation:


8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time

We now offer virtual appointments if needed for any area across Nebraska. You and your loved one’s well-being matter to us. So, we have added additional ways to communicate if you feel coming to our office, the funeral home, or us coming to your home, is not a safely distanced or sanitized possibility in these uncertain times.

We can walk you through setup over the phone on any of these apps: Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Meetings, Google Duo, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, or WhatsApp.

Call 1-855-23PSALM(77256) for needs across Nebraskaor email info@monumentadvisors.pro

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